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Our Czech-Slovak investment group was established in 1991. We help to boost the
value of companies and projects through the efficient and flexible provision of
capital investments. We also have the principle of only investing our own
financial resources.




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logo proxy bhs

Securities trader

BH Securities, a. s. is a licensed securities trader and a member of the Prague Stock Exchange (Burza cenných papírů Praha, a. s.). The company is one of the most important non-bank securities traders in the Czech market.

Czech Republic

since 1993

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Sonberk, a.s. is a top-class wine producer that has achieved that most significant success in world rankings including the 2017 international award for the Best Dry Aromatic Wine in the world by Decanter World Wine Awards in the competition of 17 000 wines.

Czech Republic

since 2004

petit press X


Petit Press, a. s. is one of the leading publishers in Slovakia, offering a wide range of products including the most read newspaper in Slovakia – the opinion-forming SME daily.


since 1993

logo proxy pfcj

Pension fund

The Česká Pojišťovna Pension Fund is the second biggest pension fund in the Czech Republic. In 2000 it was acquired by the ABN AMRO N.V. international group.

Czech Republic

1994 - 2000

reclaim logo 1

Receivables management

reclaim, a. s. is a company specializing in the management, collection, and recovery of debts in the form of a mandate or redemption.



logo ergo

Insurance company

The ERGO, a. s. insurance company is one of the founding members of the Slovak Insurance Association. It was the first insurance company in Slovakia to receive the second highest international rating for Slovak companies from the CRA RATING Agency. It was acquired by the KBC Group.


1992 - 2002


Consulting and asset management

The Emun Group provides following services: succession planning and structuring family property,  generational handover, protection and planning of financial assets, family office administrative services, individual asset management, qualified investors' funds, trust fund management.

Czech Republic


logo proxy kordarna

Large-scale production

KORDÁRNA Plus, a. s. is a significant European producer of technical textiles for the automotive, rubber-making, mechanical engineering and extractive industries. It has clients in the European, Asian, South American and African markets.

Czech Republic, Slovakia

2010 - 2018

logo proxy bof


B.O.F. Leasing, a. s. is the oldest leasing company in the Slovak market and a founding member of the Association of Leasing Companies of the Slovak Republic. Since 2007 it has been part of the Banca Intesa group.

Czech Republic

1991 - 2007

logo proxy prior

Real estate

The history of OD PRIOR department stores dates to their founding in 1964. The company Obchodné domy PRIOR STRED, a. s. has a portfolio of ten department stores throughout Slovakia, with a total area of 40,000 m2.


since 2000



Resort Paradise, a.s. is the owner of the golf course "Golf Resort Benátky nad Jizernou" near Prague. There is a 18-hole link-type golf course for players and a 9-hole public academy for everyone to play.

Czech Republic

since 2000

logo proxy dh

Large-scale production

Drôtovňa Hlohovec, a. s. is the largest producer of wires in Slovakia. After a successful crisis acquisition and successful operational consolidation, the global company Baekert acquired it in 2003.



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+420 221 892 411
Anežská 10, Praha 1
110 00
File Reference:
B 1155 led by the Municipal Court in Prague

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