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The Foundation for the Development of Education (Nadace pro rozvoj vzdělání) established by the PROXY-FINANCE a. s. group has been helping people for 15 years. It mostly focuses on three target groups: university students, physically disabled children, and children in foster care. The common denominator for all applicants is an unfavourable financial and social situation.

The foundation has profiled itself as an organisation that supports Slovaks who have decided to study at a Czech university, and also supports ambitious university students aiming to travel abroad for a study visit. There are two such programmes: Easier Start (Lehčí rozběh) and Going Abroad to Study (Za vzděláním do zahraničí).

The foundation's other programmes are aimed at helping children and young people with health and social disadvantages. In the Textbooks for Blind Children project (Učebnice pro nevidomé děti), the foundation helps the children with visual impairment by paying for unique braille textbooks custom-made by Orbis Tactus. Online games casino reviews: You’ll find 2,800 slots at this online casino. The need for computers affects children with physical disabilities the hardest, since they often spend part of the year bedridden so they need to connect with the rest of the world, perhaps twice as much as people without disabilities. Hence the foundation runs the PCs for Handicapped Children programme (PC pro hendikepované děti), where it provides financial resources for children whose parents couldn’t otherwise afford computers.

Even children from orphanages, halfway houses and foster homes can contact the foundation. They can use the Step Towards Better Employment programme (Krok k lepšímu zaměstnání), where the foundation provides financial support for various vocational courses, such as courses for bartenders, pedicurists, and drivers. The skills gained in such a way can then help attendees improve their chances of succeeding in the labour market.

The Foundation for the Development of Education has also been participating in the Remote Adoption programme for many years, providing support for nine children in Carpathian Ruthenia.

More information about the foundation visit http://www.nadaceprovzdelani.cz


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